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Welcome ladies to do some wood work, re-use or prototyping! Thursdays afternoon is all ours. No we will not turn you into a professional carpenter who just swaps the career and goes for a wooden castle. Our aim is to introduce ladies to an active creative mindset traditionally associated with man's work, and counteract the fear of making mistakes, mess or ugly piece; to learn to use basic tools for home carpentry, to develop understanding for materials, structure, construction, stability and work order when creating wooden objects. To become aware of the time and resource volume needed for various projects in home carpentry. To be able to work independently and in a group with simple carpentry projects. To look at carpentry and crafts as a fun occupation, not the life threatening dangerous knowledge.
Do you have a plan and an object to work on? Bring it in! Are you just curious but insecure and just want to check it out, maybe help others with their projects? Come along! Our leader at place will help with both introduction to different tool, safety measures and will assist if needed in your creative project. Admittance is only open for participants of female or cross gender, due to gender-special experiences discussed. Age recommended:15+ No skills or special preparation needed. Come dressed comfortably. Our leader Mia is there to help with advice and give a hand if necessary, else, the stage is yours to try and implement all those experiments you thought about but never really started. Renew a chair? Build a bee hotel? Upcycle a wardrobe? No ideas are stupid, no learning is failure, the only thing threatening is boredom if you get stuck. For that, we offer advice on planning your project. We have basic tools to use; all work goes on your own responsibility and care. We keep the projects initiated for 4 weeks maximum, after that we might dispose or upcycle the, please observe that. For more info please contact Tania 0761665626 or Mia +46703786765. Entrance fee: 100kr/occasion. You can pay at the venue.

  • Date: 04/14/2022 04:00 PM - 06/09/2022 08:00 PM
  • Location Västra Sandgatan 6 (Map)