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How do you grow and develop? By surpassing your fears and learning new things, acquiiring new skills and analyzing mistakes. Stepping over conceptions of "what if I do something wrong", "I don't want to look stupid", "this is what men do" and so on. Welcome to our carpentry school! 4 sessions, starting with hand tools and planning and finishing with own projects, no previous experience needed. Have comfortable clothes that tolerates dust and eventual scratches, bring your own protective items if you don't want to borrow gloves/glasses from us, keep your hair collected and, senses open and focused. You are ready to go! Meetings are on wednesdays 16.00 - 20.00, we provide coffee and cookies but it is totally fine of you bring your own food to eat in the break. Participant fee is 400kr for all 4 occasions. Participation is at own risk and responcibility so we strongly recommend to check your home insurance to cover your carpenting experiments wiht us. Children are welcome to join but at a parent's responcibility and control. To hold any tool, minimum age is 12 years old. For other eventually accompanying members of the family, we have sofas with blankets, tables with crayins and wifi. For questions and registration, please contact Tania at 0761665626 or Mia 0703786765, email at Welcome!

  • Date: 12/06/2023 04:00 PM - 12/27/2023 08:00 PM
  • Location Västra Sandgatan 6, Helsingborg, Sverige (Map)

Price: 40