Dream. Discuss. Prototype

(more options may be available as more volunteers will join the organisation)

During the cold season we try to cluster the activities and use earlier hours of weekends for light and easy access to the location, also some evenings of the week. If you have an ideat to bring into location during the office hours, please öet us know and let's discuss!

During summer we only dance outdoors, going team building in the wild and work with youngsters in the remote training facilities. Please get in touch via phone or mail if you want to organize or rent the location, or plan something new for the season!

Here you can find the schedule of our current activities and events, e.g. Tango, Carpentry and others.

Grown up people play too little. Game gives the strongest learning, social interactions are the core of establishing a good life, and Project Pocket is a place where these meet. Promoting social entrepreneurship, sustainable local development and recognition of international competences, we aim to find the fastest way of social integration and bring forward joy of creation (well, pain of hard work and dealing with challenges as well) when working on social, cultural and educational projects.
Project Pocket operates as an international membership organisation under a non-profit NGO for women and youth ProQvi. It was established as an urban environment location for various non-partisan culture and educational experiments. It provides possibilities for co-working, educational activities and workshops, open public culture events and entertainment.
There are both opportunities for cooperation, volunteering, learning and developing own initiatives. Please read more in relevant sections of the menu.

Tania Bauder


Tania is a the one who you will see in Project Pocket mostly, also the one who has long experience of youth, social and culture projects so talk to her if you have an idea, a question about PP or a proposition. Her background is journalism so don't be surprised with straight forward questions and be prepared for a short takeoff distance, to set your idea in action.

Mia Göthberg

Activity leader

Mia is deeply dedicated to matters of LGBTQ+ and is leading a weekly discussion forum, Queer Café at PP. Her background is healthcare, so talks about both physical and mental health is something she is exceptionally good at.

Zahabia Ghandi

Activity leader

Zahabia is a source of ideas and inspiration regarding up-cycling, sustainable urban planning and local development. She is leading a weekly carpenter group Ladies only, and motivates other young people to develop their own ideas and projects.

Yana MItskevich

Activity leader

Yana is a musician and journalist in her background who is passionate about bringing classic and jazz music to people. Twice a month she invites all musicians and music-interested folks, for a cup of coffee and a shared piano.

Marta Husarava


Marta is the youngest member of the team who is passionate about baking therefore she takes care of home baked goodies for the events; besides that, she is fascinated with teaching and holds a weekly Ironic English, club for people who want to increase their use of English language under low prestige.

Evelyn Rodriguez


Evelyn with a solid background in media and communication, has taken on her shoulders our human resources department with its blessings and concerns. Talk to her if you want to volunteer, or get your traineeship in Proqvi. We do not employ people who has not proven themselves in dedicated volunteer work.

A spot to work and study

Workshops and teambuilding

A place to dance and sing as well, sometimes...


We offer consultancy services in process of project development and work. Our special focus is on matters of gender, integration, domestic violence, social entrepreneurship and personal empowerment.

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Workshops and training

We offer ready solutions of trainings with focus on identity, gender, social entrepreneurship and cross-sectoral collaboration, workshops and camps of different duration, from 2 hours to two weeks. Among our methods are vocational training in framework of non-formal learning, community building and competence awareness games, audio/visual production, personal/group empowerment and mentorship. In a dialogue with our customers/colleagues, we apply one or a set of different methods in order to achieve desired effect on the target group. Please contact us for, and with more information.

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Membership and co-working

In order to have access to PP and work on your thesis, carpentry project or just enjoy the community of international creatives and a view over industrial backyards of Helsingborg, we invite you to become a member of Project Pocket. Membership for 2023 is 300kr, please contact us for payment details.

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Renting the place

It is possible for other stakeholders (non-religious, non-political) to rent different parts of Project Pocket. Without membership registration, it is 100 kr/hour. A safety deposit is 2000kr. We require the place to be left neat, clean and functioning (at least the way it was before the rent and any improvment is highly appreciated). The location is best suitable for creative meetings, culture productions, seminars with group work and smaller celebrations. As there are miscellaneous decorations in the place, we strongly advise supervision of children and self-control of adults. Unless it is tango.

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  • Västra Sandgatan 6, 252 25 Helsingborg, Sverige
innovationsvecka2022 image
Vi bjuder till workshop i form av ett spel där deltagare ser sina förmågor, potential och möjligheter i ett nytt ljus, olika sätt för samarbete diskuteras och utan någon drama lyfts gräsrötternas röster och kapacitet till nivå av handlingskraft och inspiration. Alla, precis alla har något att spela med i livets och samhällets stora pussel.

En workshop pågår under totalt 3 timmar den 16 juni kl 13.00-16.00 inklusive introduktion, mingel, spel, fika och reflektioner.

Deltagande är öppet för alla, beroende på behov av deltagare kan genomföras på engelska.
Det är viktigt att komma i tid! Aktiviteten har olika skeden och inte är lämpat för drop-in.
Vänligen registrera ert deltagande!!!

Under aktiviteter synliggörs den innovativa potentialet som finns hos stadens internationella invånare, dvs människor som har diverse erfarenheter och perspektiv men inte kunskap om hur man applicerar dessa i innovationsvänliga miljö i Sverige. På det sättet skapas länken mellan etablerade utvecklingsaktörer och nyanlända specialister, främjas tillgänglighet, erfarenhetsutbyte, metodutveckling samt utforskning och bredare förståelse för innovationsmiljöer och klimat i staden, Skåne och Sverige i stort. Genom detta skapar man förutsättningar till starkare tvärsektoriella gränsöverskridande samverkan, aktiva innovationsprocesser och rörlighet mellan områdena både geografiskt och professionellt.