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Hello ladies! Since corona claimed its way also we started a group of Snickaronas: snickar-onsdagar för kvinnor, carpentry wednesdays for women, at Project Pocket. It is a low-prestige and low-threshold quite chill time spend thinking out ways to create out of wood. Funny, sweet, useful or ugly, experimential and ridiculous - everything created during these hours is equally loved. Come even if you have no experience whatsoever: a quick safety instruction + basic principles of work with power tools, we provide. Also some materials to experiment and prototype with. Thereafter your own responsibility is the king, or well, queen for that matter: about disciplin, care and safety, polite atttitude and simple cleaning up the working space afterwards. You are welcome to bring your own food and have dinner in the company discussing different projects! Entrance fee is 100 SEK, material and tools included. Registration is obligatory either by this site booking system, or sms to the number below. For any questions please call 0761665626. See you! :)

  • Date: 11/01/2023 06:00 AM - 11/01/2023 08:00 AM
  • Location Västra Sandgatan 6, Helsingborg, Sverige (Map)