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- Second Tuesday of the month. - All between heaven and earth regarding women health, relations, choices and challenges. Girls, we need to talk and share experiences especially when one of us or someone we know faces judgements, group or family pressure, dilemmas or doubts. Who hasn’t experienced high demands, wrong expectations, faulty accusations, unspoken rules, subtile and open conflicts, lack of choices? Who hasn’t been searching for a reasonable advice, second opinion or someone to discuss myths and truths about sex, family behaviors, psychologically unstable partners… 
Let’s talk open about things that keep us awake at night. No filter, but with respect towards persons and difficulties faced by ones. Maybe together we can lift topics that are too heavy to roll on your own? Admittance is only open for participants of female or cross gender, due to gender-special experiences discussed. Age recommended:15+ Entrance fee: none. This activity is run by ProQvi: international non-profit organisation for women and youth.

  • Date: 06/09/2022 05:00 PM - 06/09/2022 06:00 PM
  • Location Västra Sandgatan 6, Helsingborg, Sverige (Map)