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3rd week a month, 18.00-21.00 Meeting for you who doesn’t feel home, at home. A slightly different perception of universe, own way of learning, an unusual behavioral pattern or maybe communication habits that people around you may find difficult to adjust to? Searching for your own path, for years, refusing to give up? Feeling that there is more to the world than the eye can see? 
You may be one of the outintics: people carrying deviant competences, possibly a key ingredient in evolution of human intelligence and mental capacity. And you are not alone. As it was stated as the 1st Outintic Summit in November 2021, if we don’t see solutions for global challenges, we may be blind to the competences that are needed to find ones. 
This is a mingle meeting in a free format. Come and share your story, passion or your idea. Be philosophic, analytic or rebellious! The only talks we do not welcome are those of hateful nature or purpose. 
No age, gender or other specific limits. Entrance fee: none. This activity is run by ProQvi: international non-profit organisation for women and youth.

  • Date: 05/17/2022 06:00 PM - 05/17/2022 08:00 PM
  • Location Västra Sandgatan 6, Helsingborg, Sverige (Map)