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World desperately needs strong women but somehow though ages of society ruled by men, it has not developed better ways of training women into being strong than mental and often physical, abuse. But, we survive. Through higher sensitivity, analytical capacity, multitasking real or forced, entrepreneurship and innovation skills. We develop sisterhoods and feeling for interconnections, take leaps of faiths and despite judgemental environments we proceed knitting cloth of magic saving lives and hopes. We women possess so much power. Sometimes we use it, sometimes we let it sleep. Sometimes it is met by the unworthy and we get hurt and sad, and sometimes we get angry, and destructive. Those sad and scary images of women power have been a subject of cultural interpretations for ages. Maybe it is time to acknowledge some of them as a part of women identity and pride: the wise women, the multipotential one, the powerful, the witch. 
To keep remembering our roots and find the power within, to accept our nature and reflect over the constructive use of our energy, we find a space between the places, room in the walls, move in the still air and sounds in the silence, to meet. Welcome to the witching hour. Meeting is for persons of psychological female gender. Entrance fee: voluntary contribution (we do need to pay for electricity and coffee))

  • Date: 05/04/2022 08:00 PM - 05/04/2022 10:00 PM
  • Location Västra Sandgatan 6, Helsingborg, Sverige (Map)