Dear Swedish and international friends, warm welcome to our first ever tango gathering, to celebrate midsommar together! The event is in the format of a festival so there is plenty of time to get acquainted with local nature, traditions and people. In the day time we will organise socialising events at the seaside and in the forest, evenings are for dancing from dusk till dawn. Location will have all we love and value most: good floor, good flow, good air, easy to reach. But what it will be, we haven't decided yet :) There will be dancing every day från Thursday afternoon the 20/6 till Sunday day milonga 23/6, also wokshops, a folk competion and immersion into Swedish culture of midsummer celebrations. Full pass to all dancing (23 hours, if you last that long :)) and socialising (a lot of it outside in various surroundings) including brunches/picknicks and dinners costs 120 euro. It is also possible to only visit separate milongas. Program is contantly updating, check out the page please And for any questions, please contact Tania at +46761665626