Membership and co-working

In order to have access to PP and work on your thesis, enjoy the community of international creatives and a view over industrial backyards of Helsingborg, we invite you to become a member of Project Pocket.

It is 15 min walk from the central station in the area where no procrastination moments exist unless you are into staring at half built folk race cars. You come here, you stay here until your work is done in a company of equally dedicated folks. Lovely. 

Membership is 300 kr/month (or 5000 per year). It includes free access to Project Pocket in open hours where Wifi, microwave oven and various surfaces to place your laptop or dancing shoes on, are at your service. Please note that availability of some surfaces may be limited during certain hours due to courses and other organized activities; Project Pocket is ahead of all,  a collective of creatives and we need to collaborate.
Other options for membership are for organisations/organizers to be able to conduct closed events every week, and for users from outside of Skåne.

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